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The History of Curved Glass Creations

Curved Glass Creations is the very definition of an American success story. The family owned and operated business spans three generations and has grown into one of the leading manufacturers of bent glass in the world.


In the 1930’s, Werner Kuenzle, the true pioneer of the glass bending industry, worked as a welder building Navy ships at Todd Shipyards in Hoboken, New Jersey. After a grueling day of work, he’d return home and do simple glass repairs with the help of his wife, Jean, as a side business.
Curved Glass - 1930


Werner perfected his glass craft and was ready to go into business for himself. He opened a modest storefront called the Union Glass Shop in Union City, New Jersey. The business grew quickly and by mid-decade, Werner needed some help.

Proud of his father and eager to learn the family business, Werner’s very young and ambitious son, Robert, began working in the shop everyday. Robert took to the glass business immediately and his passion and skill followed him to Korea, where he was shipped to go fight in the war.


Stationed overseas in the mid 1950’s, Robert’s commanders were impressed with his extensive knowledge of glass and charged him with managing all U.S. Army glass operations for the 707 Ordinance Battalion. During his service, Robert collaborated with the finest engineers in the military. The experience was invaluable.
Curved Glass - 1950


Following the war, Robert returned to the Union Glass Shop. The father and son team decided to invest in their company’s growth, so they sold the business and established Fairview Glass in Fairview, New Jersey in the late 1960’s.

Robert had a vision. He recognized the practicality and artistic potential of implementing curved glass into his designs. Surprised by the lack of information available on the science of manipulating glass, Robert began experimenting and creating the technology on his own.


A few years later, following the passing of his father, Robert expanded again and launched Superior Glass in Harrison, New Jersey. Over the next 16 years, Superior Glass developed into the largest auto glass integration facility in the state, installing more than 7,000 windshields a year. It was during this time Robert became a nationally recognized expert in the art of bending glass.

Curved Glass - 1970


In the mid-1980’s, inspired by the desire to be closer to family and better weather, Robert moved to Florida and founded Curved Glass Creations.


The company’s rich family history came full circle when Robert’s son, Paul, entered into the glass business and joined the team. Known for his hands-on approach, Paul is credited with advancing curved glass technology and making it more affordable.
Curved Glass - 1990


Today, Curved Glass Creations is considered one of the premiere bent glass companies in the world and supplies precision built, custom engineered glass to international corporations, small businesses and private entities.
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