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Custom Manufactured Bent Glass Designs

Curved Glass Creations (CGC) is the worldwide leader in engineering, designing and customizing bent glass to fit your architectural, transport and fixture needs. CGC prides itself in overcoming the challenges of any project and implementing solutions that are not only aesthetic for the structure, but also complementary to the environment.

Nothing comes close to the splendor curved glass gives to the overall presentation of an exterior facade or interior space. Flat glass just can’t compete with the beautiful lines curved glass provides to an architectural landscape.

Curved Glass Creations manufactures a very wide spectrum of different applications for bent or curved glass.

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Unparalleled Product Quality

CGC’s products are built to stand the test of time and are designed to outlast the life of the building in which they are installed. We like to think of our glass as a "see-thru" safety wall. In addition to homes and businesses, CGC glass is ideal for high-end vehicle applications when durability is essential. Our curved glass is also the perfect solution for that piece of furniture with a broken pane or missing its display glass altogether. Imagine finally being able to replace the glass in that one-of-a-kind, priceless antique cabinet that’s been passed down generation after generation.
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The Curved Glass Creations Promise

Our work, our team and our product are unmatched in the curved glass industry and the quality of our glass products is the most superior on the market. We pride ourselves on our quick turn around time and all glass orders will be delivered ready for installation.

Please call today for a free estimate and prepare to have the peace of mind of knowing you just contacted the premiere glass bending/curving contractor in the industry.

Our turn-around time for curved glass delivery is unparalleled in the industry. What takes most companies six to eight weeks to produce, CGC can provide in about half the time.
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