Curved Glass Handrails

Curved Glass Handrails

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Curved Glass laminated windows

Curved Glass?

Times have changed, people are now prefering curved glass handrails over metal or wood and for good reason. They are the best choice for you whether you wish to utilize them inside or outside your home. Curved glass handrails are not only attractive but also safe and eco-friendly.

Curved glass handrails use a type of material that acts like a protective barrier or wall. They can be used in many places like verandas, pool fencing, balconies, and staircases just to mention a few.

Curved glass handrails come with numerous advantages which include:

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Eco Friendly & Safe

For people who are conscious about preserving the environment, curved glass handrails are the best. They are eco-friendly since the materials used to make them can easily be recycled. Also, glass does not emit toxic substances or corrode like metals thus they are not harmful to the environment. The fittings used on the glass are made from a high grade stainless material that does not corrode.

Some people fear using glass because they think it could pose risks. This is not the case with curved glass handrails as they meet the required regulations and standards. They are strong, durable and hard to break since they are made from thick and tempered glass and can only break under severe conditions. They are, therefore, ideal for use in homes even in the presence of kids
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Here are more of the many benefits of curved glass hand rails:

● Glass is easy to clean, you can even use environmentally friendly detergents for cleaning, like home made soaps, and expect great results. If the curved glass handrails become scratched or damaged, you can restore them to their original beauty simply by polishing.

●Glass does not block light, and that is why it is a leading choice among most homeowners. People love to be able to see the light passing through. Glass is also great because you can see your surroundings; for example, you can watch your garden area from your house. It can also make your home look more attractive due to ample light.

● Curved glass handrails add a touch of natural splendor as well as a sense of space and elegance to your home. When you look through the lens, it could make your home appear much larger and spacious than it is in reality.

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