Everything You Need To Know About Annealed Glass

Everything You Need To Know About Annealed Glass

You must have come across the terms annealed glass or tempered glass. Annealed glass is
commonly used in windows, cabinets and showcases. It is also called float glass and it is a good
choice for installing on windows. If you want to know what annealed glass is, read this guide to
get a detailed account of its manufacturing process and properties.

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What is Annealed Glass?

Annealing is a manufacturing procedure that is used to strengthen glass. This method involves heat treatment that is devoid of internal stresses. When glass is subjected to a temperature higher than its transition point, and left for cooling down slowly, it becomes annealed. The cooling process, called quenching, is where a controlled airflow is carefully imparted to the glass. This releases internal stresses from the glass. 
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What is Annealed Glass Made Of?

The raw ingredients of annealed glass are soda ash, silica sand, and limestone. The concoction can also contain recycled glass particles. This mixture is treated to a high temperature of 2800 degrees Fahrenheit. Then this mixture is poured on a molten sheet of tin where the slurry float. This is where its name ‘float glass’ comes from. Molten tin is used to cool it down. Meanwhile, controlled air is also provided to it. 
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Properties of Annealed Glass

Now that you know what annealed glass is, check out its properties.

● It is fragile and should be used in safe areas

Annealed glass is fragile, when compared to tempered glass. Therefore, it is used as a front for showcases, tabletops, windowpanes and cabinets. It is the most popular choice for windows. Whenever you need a glass pane and safety is not a concern, go for annealed glass.

● It is not liable to mechanical shocks or temperature fluctuations

Annealed glass is durable. Since the manufacturing process of this glass subjects it to high temperatures and later cools it down, the process removes internal stresses from the glass. This strengthens the glass and it does not break when there are temperature fluctuations. This is one of the advantages for which it is used in windowpanes.

● It can be curved to fit in custom designs

If you want to add a certain style to glass, curved annealed glass can meet the needs. One of the widely used properties of this glass is that it can be cut into pieces and processed to retain a shape, form or design.

Why Curved Glass Creations is a Leading Annealed Glass Manufacturer?

Curved Glass Creations is an industry leading annealed glass manufacturer in the United States. We have been in business since 1946. However, our history with dealing with glass dates back to the 1930s when Werner Kuenzle did glass repair jobs on the side with the help of his dear wife. Over the years, the company has evolved from doing glass repairs into providing curved glass and now annealed glass. Businesses and private homeowners have been seeking the skills and products of Curved Glass Creations to provide uniquely curved glass and annealed glass for their homes and business. As a result, we have become a leading name in the industry.
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