Revolving Glass Door Replacement: A Total 360°

Revolving Glass Door Replacement: A Total 360°

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Why Revolving Glass Matters

Revolving glass doors are a common choice in upscale buildings not only because of their sophisticated look, but their functionality. They lock in air and keep out the elements, which can lower utility bills; they also only allow people to go only one way, which can keep an orderly flow of traffic.

However, whether it’s an issue with the wings’ glass panels or with a breakaway device, revolving doors can fall into disrepair after years of use. A revolving glass door replacement certainly isn’t easy. It can require lifting the entire canopy ceiling enclosure, shimming and leveling to check that the enclosure is perfectly straight, caulking, installing a pivot bearing, and sliding and securing the heavy wings onto the doors. A revolving glass door replacement is so involved that it’s best to have it repaired professionally, as many repair services will give free cost estimates.
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Trust The Experts

When it comes to the aspect of installing glass panels, a revolving glass door replacement doesn’t get any easier. The Glass Association of North America has set standards for glazing glass, which is necessary for many types of glass such as tempered glass or other coated glasses. Putting in glazing shims and deciding their proper length is usually something left to the revolving glass door replacement experts, as well.

Another thing to keep in mind with revolving glass door replacement is that someone who isn’t experienced with revolving doors specifically, even if they have skilled maintenance experience, may not be able to pinpoint what needs to be replaced for the revolving glass
door replacement. It could be a particular hinge, pivot, or closer that’s causing the problem.
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We Have Options

Even if there’s nothing wrong with your revolving glass door, you may be interested in replacing your current glass and switching to another type. Glass that is specially designed for thermal insulation is a common choice for a revolving glass door replacement, to further increase the already energy-efficient potential of a revolving door. In terms of looks, anything from tinted glass to non-glare glass is often a preferred aesthetic choice, or perhaps a business is looking for a luxuriant, color-enriched reflective glass to change up the front of their enterprise.

It’s important that people get a good first impression of a company, and having the best looking door possible can open “doors” for that corporation. Because all revolving glass doors can suffer from the general wear-and-tear of abrasion and stress from the elements,
or water damage on lime glass, a revolving glass door replacement can be just the fix to make a less than stellar revolving door “do a 360°.” 
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