Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosures

Curved glass shower enclosures add beauty to any bathroom and can often by found in upscale residences.

Curved glass shower enclosures, can be created in an extremely wide selection of models, finishes, and glass options. Curved glass shower enclosures are engineered to high standards for maximum reliability.

Curved Glass Creations is a full service domestic supplier of curved glass shower enclosures, offering an extremely wide selection of models, finishes & curved glass options. Curved Glass Creations enclosures are engineered to the highest possible standards for maximum reliability.

We would like to introduce you to our new line of curved glass shower enclosures. The three dimensional character of curved glass provides a beautifully stunning alternative to the premium heavy bent glass units more commonly available. Now, for the first time, your curved glass shower enclosure can be the gem of your bathroom.

We offer many curved glass shower enclosures from which to choose, but there is no limit to the design opportunities. You can give us a drawing of your own design of your curved glass shower enclosure. Let your curved glass shower enclosure imagination run wild with Curved Glass Creations. Do you want your curved glass shower enclosure to reflect your good taste, your family’s status, can this be your favorite place in the world? All these are possible with Curved Glass Creations. Possibly you are looking to buy premium curved glass shower enclosures for a hotel. Why not let Curved Glass Creations make it for you.

Creating a curved glass shower enclosure is bent glass manufacturing process where each piece is unique. No curved glass shower enclosures are exactly the same. Custom sand patterns are truly one of a kind. Please be aware that they give the manufacturer artistic license in the final product when it comes to custom curved glass shower enclosures. Please call Curved Glass Creations for more details about the manufacturing process and how to order curved glass shower enclosures.

Start with a concept, a new curved glass shower enclosure area. Design a special stall or new tub, highlight it with the look of brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, or many other standard and custom colors, feature your tile work through brilliantly clear curved glass shower enclosure, or etch dramatic patterns in the curved glass, bring in a steam unit if you wish, express yourself. Curved Glass Creations offers you the design.
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